fredag 19 september 2014

Italy - Milan, Bologna, Meina

Since my love is Italian we needed to go to Italy to be able to visit his family and friends, and this week was so much more than I would have ever imagined. Not only did we visit his birth town, Gessate, but also the mesmerizing Milan with it's trams, it's castle, it's Martini bars, it's beautiful buildings and fashion week. We also traveled to Bologna (Which is where Bolognese is actually from) to go to a concert, Ligabue. But did we stop travel there? Of course not, we also went to the stunning lake town, Maina, where Daniele's auntie owns a little flat. It was in this little town by the big and mysterious lake my little love spent his summers. From Meina we went for a shorter car trip to one of the many islands, Isola Bella, and to the view point.
All I can say is thank all of you who was involved in making this trip fun and memorable, the italians for it's amazing language and food (!!), Italy for it's nature and heat. And of course, Thank you my dear sweet love for showing me all the places you hold dear and introducing me to your country and world. I love you.

If Italians is standing in line for food then you know it's epic.

The cherry on top of the trip and my reality is you.